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Reforming the Intellectual Property Regime

The advent of digital era fundamentally changed the way works are distributed, consumed, redistributed and eventually paid for along the way. Numerous possibilities for innovative fee collection and compensation models are made possible because of the Internet. The traditional copyright regime is perceived to be increasingly inadequate to cope with the mounting issues posed by works in digital format. A similar problem is surfacing in the area of software patent. Open Net Korea does not argue that creators should not be compensated. We argue that there are new possibilities for a better compensation for the creators. The existing intellectual property law regime merely prevents these newer models for better compensation for the creators. Open Net Korea shall strive to contribute to the world-wide effort to explore a way forward in the area of intellectual property regime. A legal regime which purports to condemn the predominant majority of the current users of the Internet as ‘criminals’ cannot survive long. The regime itself will soon be condemned unless it reforms itself.

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